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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Almond Tree Is Blooming...

Dear Friends Family and Readers

The Almond Tree Is Blooming..while not quit yet but I certainly did celebrate TuBishvat and sang the song "Hashkaidiah Porachat" which means the Almond tree is blooming several times in the past week and half marking how I have celebrated TuBishvat in Poland. For a place where the sun doesn't shine very often, unless of course you are willing to make your own and share(think about how you would do that) I certainly sang about sun, new growth and talked about the history of the holiday a lot.
At the Sarvasz follow up that I wrote about last time, we had a lovely TuBishavt Sedar filled with all the different kinds of fruits and wine and gave a group of 14-16 year olds an oppurtunity to celebrate TuBishvat in a way that they have never done before.
Fast Forward one week and come you will come to this past Friday night where we had a group of University Students gather together in our New Youth Club for a Shabbat Dinner and of course a TuBishvat Sedar. We enjoyed the addition of Rabbi Goldberg who added his thoughts and with this group we had some more singing which was really very nice.
For my last TuBishvat celebration I organized a special program in the Senior Club. We spoke and shared thoughts on TuBishvat, ate dried fruits, I taught them the song "Hashkediah Porachat" which they loved and then the 15 of us all planting seeds together. We did not venture outside in the snow but we did plant flower seeds in cups which we will all take of and water regularly in the senior club, bringing new life into a place with older souls. There is something very special about planting seeds and celebrating new growth with a group of very old, yet very new and curious people. So as I am laughing that I have never celebrated TuBishvat more often then I did here but in all seriousness it was really wonderful to bring new ideas, some new life and some more hope to a community that is in the process of reviving.

Sending warmth and hopes for continued growth in communities all over the World


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