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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Winter in Warsaw

Dear Family Friends and Readers

It is finally winter in Warsaw. As soon as I landed from Israel last week it started to snow and it got super cold-that is ok because I have all my warmest winter clothes and my apartment could even be said to be too warm.

Things have been pretty busy since I have landed, I am working on a lot of TuBishvat Programs, taught a cooking class and helped out at a Sarvasz(International Jewish Summer Camp) weekend retreat. The retreat brought young teenagers from all over Poland together for a long weekend of Jewish Programs, Dance Parties and the oppurunity to for all the campers to reconnect!

In addition to the work I have been struggling to maintain my sanity amidst the insanity of my apartment. You may remember reading a while back about th fuse blowing and the broken washing machine. While...this week brought even more apartment adventures. I went to put just 4 dishtowels in the machine and could not focus on the Friends episode I was watching because of the horrible sounds the machine was making. When I went to investiagate I found a very overheated machine(why I have no idea) that was also stuck. In my attempt to unstick the machine I got my fingers caught, I did get them out but my hands are not a pretty sight-I hope you are not laughing too hard cause this gets more insane. I called my dear friend over to help and we attempted one more time to start the machine, this time when we did that it started smoking-dont worry we unplugged it fast and we are fine. At this point the landlady is called and her very Polish mother came over to investigate. Amidst her investigation she turned the machine on-even though I really tried to explain to her not to, but there is that whole language problem, soo she did and it started flooding everywhere. The machine will be repaired soon I hope and in the meantime I will be using my friends washing machine. If this story is not enough for one week, I have more. I woke up this morning and there was no water, apprently in several apartments on my street this is the case and no one knows when it will return, my dad hopes by his visit in April and I hope by the time I get home from work!

I hope you are all doing well and starying warm
I will write all about the Seniors planting seeds for TuBishvat next week-Im sure it will be fun
Warm Hugs from Warsaw


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